Dance round the Christmas tree

Dance round the Christmas tree

With the romance and jingling bells of Christmas now resounding fully in our ears and bank accounts and fast reaching its natural apogee, thence to roll gently down the hill, with just a wee inebriated up-bump and rise for New Year’s Eve, in order to take off as if from some massive ski jump into the great unknown of whatever’s to come next year, it’s interesting and mete for

Weekend/Holiday edition – merry seasonals part II

Same goes for this passage in collective human history: for some they may be having the best time they’ve ever had, for some the worst, for some fairly middlin’ and for some, all they can see is the end of days. Myself, I see us as

Weekend/Holiday edition – merry seasonals

For many this short passage will pass fairly smoothly, for some, it will pass swimmingly, for some it will pass...

Extolling the virtues of the internal forms

Recovering from what really was a hefty bout of one-wrong-move-and-you’re-dead illness some years ago (see public Wisdom Drop), I was and continue to be impelled to extol the incredible virtue of the

Perspective – use it or lose it

Some years ago I was so ill I almost wasn’t here anymore. I caught a virus, The virus attacked a...

Shifting the gestalt

  People are suffering in shocking ways around the world, even as we speak. It’s possible you can actually do something practical to alleviate someone’s suffering right here and now. On the other hand, it’s more likely you’ll not be

Achieving seasonal balance

What a balancing act it is. Then again, what isn’t? The Taoist approach to good balancing is not even to...

Gentle pre-Xmas love diatribe in two parts – part II

Gentle pre-Xmas love diatribe in two parts – part II

(Continued) For while prophets there are many, and some perhaps even with a degree of authentic connection to some worthwhile guidance, no one on this planet knows what’s coming next. No one.

Gentle pre-Xmas love diatribe in two parts – part I – (part II in Members’ Wisdom Drop)

Fascinating how the world seems to have glimpsed a view through the veil of the trance and in that glimpse...

Hexagram 11

Hexagram 11 – Sublime relief

Following a phase of everything feeling somewhat disjointed and out of sorts, during which the way of ignorance and stupidity appeared to be holding sway in the world, now comes the blessed relief of a phase of entirely the opposite, one in which the benign power of the Tao is clearly felt here