WEEKEND SPECIAL – Staying True To The Ride

Providing what you want to do is within the realms of physical possibility and providing you have the minimal level of requisite psycho-physical equipment, mind-body-wise, there is nothing you cannot achieve if you apply yourself to the task fully, mind, body and soul. You’ve heard this a million times but so crucial is it to

WEEKEND SPECIAL – Life-Affirming and Joyful

Intellectually you know full well that the past is the past and is gone forever, the present is the present...

Back To Centre

Because we’re fairly regimented from early training at school, we tend to compartmentalise the various aspects of existence and feel resistance to fusing two or more aspects in a novel form, however the old ways of the East suggest we desist from

Just To Celebrate You

No matter how socially busy, connected, popular, in demand or altogether fabulous you are, there’ll be times you’ll be required...

Face-To-Face Conversation

Getting things to happen somewhat as you’d like them to involves a lot of communication, often with lots of different people, lots of the time, some of which will be in person. As you know the content is secondary to the tone and body language in terms of

Shaken Or Stirred

If you’ve been following these drops for a while, you’ll have gathered that the underlying thrust is all about how...

MONDAY SPECIAL – Free Of Self-Combustion

Knowing when your body is raised up to its full length and breadth in any one moment, your spirits are raised and amplified likewise and being so, you attract more blessings in the course of a day or night, is one thing. Practising it is another. To make it easier

MONDAY SPECIAL – Higher Frequency

There you are, this divine being, full and beautiful, albeit somewhat distorted – but that’s what makes you beautiful –...

HEXAGRAM 40 – Universal Revolution

Stay true to your course now. Till now others may have doubted your choice to go for such or such a goal or path but stick with it at this point, when most probably attainment of success looks least likely and rampant success will be surprisingly yours, followed by

Magic for making a beautiful Buddha of yourself today

Seriously had you been of a fortune-telling or predictive bent even 30 years ago, could you have possibly foreseen the hue, shape and tone of humanity’ s story at this time? Could you have foreseen the