Weekend edition: reinforce your positive spirit

Here’s a technique that will change your life of you let it, dear Member. To enable yourself to attain the requisite levels of positivity to inform your outlook with sufficient brightness to instigate a benign shift of circumstances, simultaneously visualize a

Weekend edition: you can do it

Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t do such or such, give yourself reasons why you can. Whatever you...

Your will, will be done

When you gather your will and focus it towards any particular goal, you cause destiny to move for you –...

How to accelerate the process of your will being done

How to accelerate the process of your will being done

The ancient Taoist system of acupuncture and acupressure is well-known for its curative effects on body and mind, less so for its curative and regulatory effects on destiny. But there are certain points which when needled, pressed or even just

A beautiful way to reduce stress in a trice

This is like homeopathy, as you’re treating like with like and inducing the body to fight back. When you get stressed over inconsequential events like fumbling for your mobile when it rings, your body contracts, your breathing gets constricted and the blood and energy get pushed up into

The value of stress

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the simplest ways to gauge your stress levels is...

Hexagram 31 – Attraction

Hexagram 31 – Attraction

If you’ve been following the oracle week by week, you’ll have noticed that when the same hexagram reappears (I determine the week’s hexagram by entering a trance-like meditative state and flicking the pages of an old I Ching copy on my desk, allowing it to fall open randomly where it will), I always

Monday Special: the precise procedure for visualizing what you want

Visualization is the essential and most powerful aspect of successful manifesting, but it only really works when you do it properly, something the Taoist system addresses in fine detail and while it would be relatively easy to fill a book with the

Monday Special: make something new happen now

Instead of bemoaning your fate, use that energy to create something new that works better, as follows: list nine things...

Weekend Special: direct way of reducing anguish/angst/anger

Weekend Special: direct way of reducing anguish/angst/anger

The anguish/angst/anger forms an addictive ball of fractious energy in the solar plexus, held in place by holding the breath and tensing the body in a low grade, ongoing way. Release the