Blow me, he was right

Elegance is such a…well, elegant word. It derives from the Latin for having the taste to choose (something tasteful) and is so elegant you can use it as an adjective for anything from good to bad – an elegant speech or an elegant life.

Move forward with gusto and aplomb

As with all things Taoist, to effect a shift for the better, you go further into the stuckness. It’s the same as with pushing someone off their feet and into the air when practising Tai Chi: you push them down first – they then naturally rebel and want to go upwards. It then only takes a

Holding a steady nerve in the face of what appears to be the Tao playing with you

FEAR! I say it loud dear Member in a mild textual bid to strike a fear-chord here for a moment. And why? Certainly not because I’m a horrible monster. To the contrary. It’s because I wish to impart one of the most useful keys to holding a steady nerve in the face of what appears to be the Tao playing with you and

Handling the fear it will all go wrong (a reprise)

The first time something went wrong in your perception was naturally a shock to the system and seeing as it probably happened when you were very young and the chances of there being an enlightened caring soul present to help guide you through a healing process there and then probably quite slim, it’s inevitable you’d have

Love every minute of you

Though the more human elements of me would have far preferred to remain fast asleep I’m happy the more inter-dimensional aspects won the contest that resulted in me being deprived of most of a night’s sleep Wednesday after a properly exacting day of

The story develops

Merry weekend to you. My whole life’s a weekend in fact as my work, which is my dedication, devotion, and joy, is continuous but I still indulge the memory traces programed from being at school and allow myself to join in the nonsense of

Happy as Larry, whoever Larry is

Here in Spain, in the south as far as you can go before Africa, dear Circlist, where base camp is...

Fuel for your instant

Fuel for your instant

Just like any sleight of hand, the world of sociopolitical manipulation that has us held in such thrall – fake/real...

Paradox Magic For Fun and Recreation

Discussing superstition in the weekly newsletter today wetted my appetite for looking at this bizarre tendency to default to assuming things will go wrong and that using a combination of ostensibly bizarre logically irrelevant rituals in the name of primitive magic or religion will prevent that.

Fullest possible perspective

Blind spots fascinate me – the gaps in cognition that trip us all up in various ways to various degrees at various times – and this as far as I know is without exception. So I had an insight into the underlying mechanism informing one of my own a couple of days ago I thought you might find helpful.