Weekend edition: Heal yourself now

Without realising it we travel to and fro through time, at the subconscious level at least, visiting our future and former selves to gain and give succour, to receive and give healing, (respectively). So if you’re in a

Envision in the most powerful, effective way

After reading this respectfully lower your eyelids and imagine yourself as a disembodied spirit leaning up against the rear wall of the inside of your skull, your energy reaching down through your sacrum into the centre of the

Falling for someone

Know that when you fall for someone, you’re falling for appearances. Whenever you project onto one individual the exclusive power to make you happy, you are falling prey to

Monday edition: it’s all going to work out fine for you

Roses are red, violets are blue, hold the faith: the Tao loves you. No matter how bad, sad, distorted, reprehensible or shameful you secretly believe yourself to be, no matter how

Weekend edition: peace is the key to everything you want

Choose peace above all else and all else will be added. You think you want more money to be able to afford more of this or that, more love, adventure, self-expression, freedom and so on, and why? Not because

Accelerate the manifesting process

Think of what you intend to manifest now, draw down a vortex of cosmic chi, speak your intention into the vortex, then set it free and what you intend will come to be. The universe is

Retain Perspective

Climb every mountain, ford every stream, drink from every fountain but remember it’s all only a dream. Give your

MONDAY EDITION: a way to intensify the manifesting process

Hello there dear Member, if you’re interested in the whole Taoist wu wei  (effortless manifesting skill), you’ll also be interested to learn that by shooting the chi up the rear of your spine to the base of your neck while visualizing what you want, you’ll intensify the manifesting process astonishingly.

WEEKEND EDITION: how to de-addict yourself to speeding

Acceleration is addictive – it’s a symptom of adrenalin addiction in fact – give me more, more, more and all that jazz – and it forms a pattern as do all habits. And as with all habits, it’s

Technique to elicit greater inner trust

Learning to trust the ground of your being, takes place on more than one level. Initially there’s the intellectual aspect – your mind getting itself round the idea that