Increase health and wellbeing

At the deepest level, your levels of health and wellbeing are a choice you make. Naturally it’s ostensibly a tricky business changing that choice to increase your health as the mind is a convoluted entity. However by

Transmit and receive more love – Monday edition

It doesn’t really matter what you manifest or don’t manifest. All that matters is you’re here. Your main function is to serve as a conduit between the realms of heaven and earth, between th

The universe wants you to love being alive – weekend edition

Remember the Tao, the Great Way, the Presence, the God or whatever you want to call it, wants your life to be easy for you – it wants

Take command of the day

Breathing is the most direct lever you have on your state of mind. Stop holding your breath and you free your mind from being stuck in a loop. Slow your

Vocal empowerment

Do you ever have nightmares where you’re confronting various ghouls and need to muster a loud shout to assert your power but can’t access your voice? It’s good to

Monday edition: boundary clarity

Monday edition: boundary clarity

How do you stop others taking advantage of you? The external world is a reflection of the internal landscape. When you’re overriding your own true nature to fit in with the plans or dreams of others, or

Weekend edition: alleviate the suffering

When you’re feeling miserable or out of sorts in relation to the world around you, it generally indicates your mindset has become overly egocentric. The fastest way to transform this is to

Manifesting harmony in the world

Manifesting harmony in the world

Dealing with other people with all their complexes and peccadilloes can sometimes be a tricky thing, what with all the misunderstandings that inevitably arise. However the whole process becomes


Don’t try and run from the pain or discomfort you’re feeling. Instead open up to it and welcome it as a sign of life. Then

Monday edition: Boost for your vital power

Feel for your sacral bone, feel the top edge of it, feel the space between that and the next vertebra up, then feel the space between that and the vertebra above it and press in with fingertip. Keep pressing but