HEXAGRAM 37 – Balance

At times the picture goes wonky and it’s hard to see how to proceed. What’s required is a reorganisation of the internal landscape according to the yin-yang model. The yin is the supportive, nourishing force that works consistently to hold things in order and give

Hexagram 51 - Explosion

Reality seems to suddenly explode with a loud, terrifying noise that makes people tremble for hundreds of miles all around but the Tao is laughing. It’s merely a trick – a device to awaken you to the awesome power of the cosmos and though what comes next might

Hexagram 11

Hexagram 11 - Peace

The way of mean people and harmful influences is diminishing now and all that is good and wonderful is growing in your life, even if you can’t see it yet, causing good fortune and huge success to come your way. At this time the

HEXAGRAM 1 – BANG! The Creative Principle

Bang! The universe comes into being. Bang! You are here. Bang! Enormous, unprecedented success in all aspects of your life is coming. Disaster may threaten but

Hexagram 20 – Looking Down/Back

This one has come up recently in a different guise. Casting the oracle for this week, it comes in the context of how to proceed in terms of manifesting the life you want. The hexagram advises this is a time, having climbed a fair way up the mountain to stop and look down, or having walked a long way along the thoroughfare to stop and look back, to see

Hexagram 49 - Evolution

Battling against all the odds as you’ve been, challenged at every turn by detractors and disbelievers, feeling at times like a freak for committing to the path you’re on, your faith is about to be vindicated by an unexpected turn of events that will bring sublime success and accompanying bliss, at which point your detractors will all tell you

Hexagram 21 - Biting

There’s a time for dithering and a time to bite the bullet, make up your mind and commit. This week is a time for making commitments – putting your money where your mouth is. This could apply to

Hexagram 5 - Doing Nothing

Hexagram 5 - Doing Nothing

Doing nothing, nothing is left undone. This is a week to let the Tao do it all for you and all you need do on your part, is relax into an easy flow with

HEXAGRAM 40 Fulcrum/Release

HEXAGRAM 40 Fulcrum/Release

If you have a positive direction to take, somewhere that leads to something potentially wonderful even if the road is risky, go there now without delay, for a short window of opportunity is available this week in which to slide smoothly into the new, if you choose to take it. If you do, you’ll

Hexagram 41 – Loss

Hexagram 41 – Loss

You have probably just suffered a loss of some kind recently or are about to. Remain fully confident now, for though you may occasionally wonder if you’ve made some sort of mistake to precipitate this, you are in fact