Blow me, he was right

Elegance is such a…well, elegant word. It derives from the Latin for having the taste to choose (something tasteful) and is so elegant you can use it as an adjective for anything from good to bad – an elegant speech or an elegant life.

Weekend edition – Invest in loss to gain everything

  To be able to truly let go and love being alive, enjoying each moment fully, regardless of whether it’s an apparently good one or bad, simply for the glee of being, it’s crucial you allow yourself to

Get your life to resonate more

To get your life to resonate more, start by getting your body to resonate more, specifically the main resonance chamber in your body: your skull. There are three sounds, which when chanted

Brilliant method for processing negative feelings fast

Identify the negative feeling you’re experiencing within – the fear, the sadness, the grief, the anger, the anguish – and instead of attempting to change or rearrange it in any way, ask yourself,

Monday edition – Instigating the greatest magic

One of the most important steps in gaining true peace of mind according to this Taoist system is being willing and able to transcend preferences. Good and bad are merely relative terms and have no intrinsic quality of their own. By being

Hexagram 24

Hexagram 24 – Coming Back To Yourself

Coming back to yourself, will engender great success in all your endeavours now. But before coming back to yourself, you have to realise you left yourself in the first place. You have to acknowledge the extent to which you’ve been pulled away from your centre and core by the myriad diversions provided by the external world.

Saved to smile another day

Saved to smile another day

Lake below, mountain above: the symbol of joy in Taoist thought. When I was a small boy my mother had a friend called Joy. She was married to a handsome rich man, lived in a huge house in the best part of town, that smelled rich as you walked through the front door – not that it stopped me jumping off walls into the fishpond and getting told off – but it was worth it at the time. She had it all going for her but was anything but joyful.

Letting go and allowing the Tao to run the show, part 6 (finale) – weekend edition

Now lots of the pain you feel about being alive, the pain of loss, the pain of disappointment, the pain of betrayal, the pain of doubt, the pain of confusion and the undeniable pain of love in general, gets processed but lots doesn’t and this latter forms a

Letting go and allowing the Tao to run the show, part 4

So, assuming you’re following this mini-series and are starting to get the feel for how releasing key areas of the body enables you to let go and allow the Tao to take over more easily and so gain far better results, than by contrivance, you’ll enjoy the following.

Letting go and allowing the Tao to run the show, part 2

A truly handy tip, excuse the pun in advance, is as follows. Your thumbs are what give your hands their grip factor. When you let your thumbs relax, you automatically relax your grip on life. When you