The ancient art of time travel

The ancient Taoist masters who practiced the Taoist inner alchemical process of transmuting sexual energy into chi and chi into spirit in order to produce the ‘immortal spirit body' were able at a higher stage of development to transcend the

Hexagram 20 – Looking Down/Back

This one has come up recently in a different guise. Casting the oracle for this week, it comes in the context of how to proceed in terms of manifesting the life you want. The hexagram advises this is a time, having climbed a fair way up the mountain to stop and look down, or having walked a long way along the thoroughfare to stop and look back, to see

Fuel for your instant

Fuel for your instant

Just like any sleight of hand, the world of sociopolitical manipulation that has us held in such thrall – fake/real...

Weekend edition - Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: learning to trust that what’s for you won’t pass you by

Weekend edition - Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: learning to trust that what’s for you won’t pass you by

…and that what passes you by wasn’t for you.  To believe otherwise is to believe the Tao, the Great Way, the Great Motherly Presence that created you doesn’t love you. The Tao loves you infinitely,

Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: Embrace the down so you can embrace the ensuing up

Everything cycles endlessly between the yin phase and the yang, between contraction and expansion, between down and up. When one phase reaches its zenith, the seed of its opposite is already sprouting

Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: Making life roll more smoothly

In your interface with others you have two main mode options: judgement or compassion. It’s easy to fall into judgement...

Monday edition: a contemplation of the perfection of Tao

You can’t be perfect. And you can’t make life perfect. It’s a complete waste of energy and time trying. Yet we all do it. Silly game. But it does work to

Hexagram 49 - Evolution

Battling against all the odds as you’ve been, challenged at every turn by detractors and disbelievers, feeling at times like a freak for committing to the path you’re on, your faith is about to be vindicated by an unexpected turn of events that will bring sublime success and accompanying bliss, at which point your detractors will all tell you

Paradox Magic For Fun and Recreation

Discussing superstition in the weekly newsletter today wetted my appetite for looking at this bizarre tendency to default to assuming things will go wrong and that using a combination of ostensibly bizarre logically irrelevant rituals in the name of primitive magic or religion will prevent that.

Weekend edition: guided process to generate a new version of reality

Do this when you have time – read it, try it, read it again, try it again – it only takes a few seconds or so once you get the hang of it. Read the weekend edition public Wisdom Drop – again if you’ve already read it, as there’s no point