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On finding solid ground

With everything so evidently in the throes of transition, it’s essential for clarity and overall sanity to find solid ground....

Monday edition: Boost for your vital power

Feel for your sacral bone, feel the top edge of it, feel the space between that and the next vertebra up, then feel the space between that and the vertebra above it and press in with fingertip. Keep pressing but

Monday edition: Develop flexibility to get the very most from the Tao

The Tao, the Great Way leads you a merry dance in the process of delivering you (to) your highest good....

Hexagram 11

Hexagram 11 - Peace

The way of mean people and harmful influences is diminishing now and all that is good and wonderful is growing in your life, even if you can’t see it yet, causing good fortune and huge success to come your way. At this time the

The story develops

Merry weekend to you. My whole life’s a weekend in fact as my work, which is my dedication, devotion, and joy, is continuous but I still indulge the memory traces programed from being at school and allow myself to join in the nonsense of

WEEKEND SPECIAL - The Great Sympathy

The tendency, from moment to moment, is to become fascinated by the intricacies of the unfolding drama of your life,...

WEEKEND SPECIAL - Open Yourself To It And It Will Be

In this vast game of hide and seek, everyone seems to have been in hiding this week – well not everyone but everyone I needed to connect with about practical matters seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Where have they all been hiding? But if I knew, the game would be up –

TUESDAY SPECIAL – Forest Of Dude (Revisited)

There’s a glade on Hampstead Heath, known among my close friends as the Forest Of Dude, named so by Anton Grum, himself a dude – I recall it all originated back in the early '90s with a Wayward Taoist, North London slant on the Bill and Ted theme. We meet

HEXAGRAM 1 – BANG! The Creative Principle

Bang! The universe comes into being. Bang! You are here. Bang! Enormous, unprecedented success in all aspects of your life is coming. Disaster may threaten but

Noise Of The Big Machines

Like the brass stabs in a Latin tune, slabs of wisdom are shooting across from one side of my brain...