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Activate a protective force-field around you

The white light of protection may on the one hand be seen as just a way of signalling the subconscious...

Open the way to having all you’ve ever lost restored to you

Roses are read, violets are blue – there’s nothing the ebb can take away, the flow won’t bring back to you (multiplied). So when you suffer loss of anything, know that energy is never destroyed, only transformed and in the fullness of time whatever was

Self-worth boost

Self-worth is at the crux of the success-manifesting process. You’ve got to believe you’re worth it. And not because you’ve...

The ancient art of time travel

The ancient Taoist masters who practiced the Taoist inner alchemical process of transmuting sexual energy into chi and chi into spirit in order to produce the ‘immortal spirit body' were able at a higher stage of development to transcend the

Monday edition - Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: Taoist sound healing

The universe is primarily built on a sound-wave operating at a frequency 50 octaves below human hearing – the background...

Hexagram 20 – Looking Down/Back

This one has come up recently in a different guise. Casting the oracle for this week, it comes in the context of how to proceed in terms of manifesting the life you want. The hexagram advises this is a time, having climbed a fair way up the mountain to stop and look down, or having walked a long way along the thoroughfare to stop and look back, to see

Fuel for your instant

Fuel for your instant

Just like any sleight of hand, the world of sociopolitical manipulation that has us held in such thrall – fake/real...

Weekend edition - Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: learning to trust that what’s for you won’t pass you by

Weekend edition - Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: learning to trust that what’s for you won’t pass you by

…and that what passes you by wasn’t for you.  To believe otherwise is to believe the Tao, the Great Way, the Great Motherly Presence that created you doesn’t love you. The Tao loves you infinitely,

Weekend edition - Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about being down or out of sorts (but don’t make a cause of it either).

People are generally primarily concerned with looking good, looking as if they have everything under control, looking as if they’re...

Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: Embrace the down so you can embrace the ensuing up

Everything cycles endlessly between the yin phase and the yang, between contraction and expansion, between down and up. When one phase reaches its zenith, the seed of its opposite is already sprouting