Increase health and wellbeing

At the deepest level, your levels of health and wellbeing are a choice you make. Naturally it’s ostensibly a tricky business changing that choice to increase your health as the mind is a convoluted entity. However by

Getting what you need

Rather than give way now to control freakery born of outcomes-anxiety and fear of going without, let go and trust...

Transmit and receive more love – Monday edition

It doesn’t really matter what you manifest or don’t manifest. All that matters is you’re here. Your main function is to serve as a conduit between the realms of heaven and earth, between th

Jump over the obstacle – Monday edition

Whatever obstacle you’re currently facing, rather than scrunch your mind looking for ways round or over it, simply visualize yourself...

HEXAGRAM 37 – Balance

At times the picture goes wonky and it’s hard to see how to proceed. What’s required is a reorganisation of the internal landscape according to the yin-yang model. The yin is the supportive, nourishing force that works consistently to hold things in order and give

Love every minute of you

Though the more human elements of me would have far preferred to remain fast asleep I’m happy the more inter-dimensional aspects won the contest that resulted in me being deprived of most of a night’s sleep Wednesday after a properly exacting day of

The universe wants you to love being alive – weekend edition

Remember the Tao, the Great Way, the Presence, the God or whatever you want to call it, wants your life to be easy for you – it wants

Make life easy – weekend edition

Choose easy, effortless and enjoyable as your mode, come what may today and you’ll have an easy, effortless, enjoyable day....

Take command of the day

Breathing is the most direct lever you have on your state of mind. Stop holding your breath and you free your mind from being stuck in a loop. Slow your

Smooth Transition

Sometimes life gets strange round the edges, sometimes to the core, as if you’re on a similar but unfamiliar planet...